PressoPRO is helping companies increase their close ratios upwards of 30%. Unlike the PowerPoint and other linear presentation platforms, we are focused on a customer-centric approach, engaging clients in the sales process.

Some of the benefits of our presentation app:
?Non-Linear platform designed to engage clients
?An average of 30% increase in close ratios
?Multiple sales presentations on one platform
?Push to sink presentations for sales teams
?Hotspots to jump to any screen in your presentation

If your company is engaged in sales then this app is a must have to modernise your sales delivery for increased profitability.

2NuLife loves anything and everything to do with holistic health and better living. This partner concentrates endeavours to create and find all things related to holistic health.

We’re here because life’s too short to always struggle. The constant fight is no fun. You shouldn’t be held back; You were designed for so much more

We Don’t just care about purpose – We care about your happiness

?100’s of personal testimonials
?More Laughs, More Smiles, More Energy to Celebrate

Today, 2NuLife represents a line of holistic hemp products as well a product line that has combine ancient herbal medicines with a modern wave technology.

You’re about to go from good to great — fine to phenomenal — with cutting-edge advances in nutrition & health. Choose your path and discover what it truly means to live a New Life!

Finding Local Businesses providing products, services and support to Seniors and Disabled People is easy with Looking For Help. Search or contact us to be connected with Local Businesses providing products, services and support to Seniors and Disabled People. All of our Members have appropriate accreditations for their industry. For Local Businesses, Looking For Help also works as a powerful tool for attracting more clients.

Referrals over Breakfast (RoB) invites business entrepreneurs in the Melbourne area to join the rest of the network for business and breakfast in a supportive atmosphere with like-minded local business people. Meeting together 7am-8.30am every fortnight.

These are the principles that guide us:

Develop Qualified Referrals
A group of business people seeking to share “word of mouth” opportunities in a spirit of generosity and trust.

Seek Joint Venture Opportunities
Look for strategic alliances and trusted associates amongst members.

Mutual Support & Encouragement
You need it…we all need it. A bunch of like-minded people who are there for each other. Positive relationships are at the core of this network.

Business Education
To be successful we need to raise the bar. Tap into new insights and learn new ways to grow your business.